ISPER President

Prof. Manjit Singh’s World of Urban, Rural and Regional Planning, Cultural Heritage and Punjabi Literature

Prof. Manjit Singh, born in 1947, is Master of City and Regional Planning, Master of Landscape Architecture and Master of Geography. He is known for his contributions in the field of City and Regional Planning education- its growth and practices, Cultural Heritage and Punjabi literature. He taught both Graduate (B. Tech) and Post-graduate (M. Tech) classes at Guru Ram Das School of Planning, Guru Nanak Dev University, Amritsar from 1974 to 2007. In association with late Prof. P.C. Khanna, late Prof. B.R. Batra, Prof. S.N. Misra, Prof. J.S. Ghuman, Prof. Sarup Singh, Prof. R.S. Sandhu, Prof. Ashwani Luthra, Prof. Gopal Johari, Prof. Karamjit Singh Sandhu, Prof. Kiran Sandhu and other reputed professionals, he laid strong foundations for the growth and the quality education in Guru Ram Das (GRD) School of Planning, Guru Nanak Dev University (GNDU), Amritsar. His contribution in beginning the disciplines of B. Arch, B. Tech Planning and Infrastructure planning in the GRD School of Planning was instrumental in regular supply of young trained and quality manpower to the northern, the northwestern States of India and to many multinational companies engaged in the Urban and Planning and Real Estate development. Due to his devotion to the profession, he has become exemplary amongst his younger colleagues the students. The books authored by him and his published research papers focusing on issues related to Cultural Heritage, Urban and Regional Planning and Environment are acknowledged scholarly. Clarity is the hallmark of his writings.

His distinguished teaching and writing career, spans over four decades and is continuing in the Institute for Spatial Planning and Environment Research, India, (ISPER) as integral part of research, training, thematic exhibitions for awareness campaigns of ISPER and also as part of the Governing Council. He is instrumental in organizing annual Seminars, both national and international, and Capacity Building Trainings of the professionals. He also organizes skill orientation training programs for the students and faculty members of various schools of planning in India. The most sacred activity of ISPER i.e. free women empowerment education and skill development of the poor girls for quality livelihood is monitored by him.

He was the fountain head of forming a society for establishing Centre for Urban and Rural Environment Research, India (CURER) and is one of the key contributors to form ISPER after merging CURER with ISPER. He is the living legend. His contributions in various fields are enumerated as follows;

  1. Professional
    i. Introduction of B. Arch, 1985-86 GRD School of Planning, GNDU, Amritsar
    ii. Introduction of B. Tech Planning,1991, GRD School of Planning, GNDU, Amritsar
    iii. Introduction of M. Tech, Infrastructure Planning 2007-08, GRD School of Planning
    iv. Professor-in-charge for Sain Mian Mir Chair GNDU, Amritsar
    v. Professor-in-charge for Heritage village, Sadi Virasat Sada Pind (Our Heritage our village)
    vi. Review of the Project of Heritage Walk of Amritsar, 2002-03
    vii. As team member reviewed the Dossier concerning Golden Temple, Amritsar, prepared for presenting to the UNESCO to get Amritsar city declared as a Heritage City.
    viii. Professor and Head, GRD School of Planning, 1991-94
  2. Books
    i. Marjeware (Punjabi): 1982,New Age Book Centre, Amritsar
    ii. Kaar Sewa Ate’ Babe (Punjabi): (selfless service of others): 1990. Kar Sewa Prakashan, Bir Sahib Amritsar
    iii. Pind Viont Ate Sabhyachar (Punjabi): (Rural Planning and Culture) :1991, Warisshah Foundation, Amritsar
    iv. Romanticism in Planning, Jointly with Randil Sher Jatinder Singh Bath, 2008, ISPER
  3. Books Reviewed
    i. Critical Appraisal of entire work of Creative Genius, Patarkar, Bedi Lal Singh Sahityakar- A study; “Abhinanadan Granth”, Published by Bedi Lal Singh Abhinandan Samiti Prem Nagar, Dhaki Road, Pathankot”
    ii. Reviewed ‘Naad Bind vich Pendu Mahaul ate Imart Saji Di Naksh Nuhar’ a Punjabi novel by Dr. Joginder kairon
    iii. Ministry of Human Resource Development nominated him as Member Expert in the field of Urban Development for short listing candidates for scholarship offered by Government of Japan for the year 2003.
    iv. Critical appraisal of the Poetry book, “Pryas” authored by Satish kaura, Former Principal, Piedmont School, Bhuntar, Kullu, And presented in the Annual Function of Authors Guild, Himachal Pradesh held at ISPER, 2013
    v. Research paper “Punjab Da Rehen Sehen” by Manjit Singh was included in the 12th Standard of Punjab School Education Board text book entitled, “Lajmi Punjabi” (Compulsory Punjabi)
    vi. Pind Viont ate Sabhyachar was included in the list of suggested readings for Masters’ Degree
    in Punjabi, Panjab University, Chandigarh
  4. Dissertations:
    i. Chammars in Madhya Pradesh, 1972, Master of Geography.
    ii. Slums 1974; Master of City and Regional Planning.
    iii. Landscape Development Policy for Green Belt, Delhi, 1985; Master of Landscape Architecture
  5. Thesis Guidance
    i. M. Tech; 25
    ii. B. Tech, 15
  6. Consultancy Projects for Himachal Government funded by NORAD, Norway
    i. Development Plan for Hill Tourist Town, Manali
    ii. Development Plan for Palampur Town
  7. Contribution in ISPER as President
    i. Publication of ‘Revival of A Vedic River, Ghaggar’, (Part-I), A research Project of ISPER
    ii. Completion of Research Project, “Satluj Basin Hydroelectricity Projects in Tribal Kinnaur District; Their Impact on Socioeconomic Development and Social Reciprocity: a project funded by Indian Council of Social Science Research, (ICSSR)
    iii. Publication of Book, Readings in Population, Environment and Spatial Planning, 2013
    iv. Publication of Book Immortal Cities 2015
    v. Promoting Community Development under Water Shed Development Program of NABARD
    vi. Getting B. Tech Planning introduced in Haryana’s Town Planning Recruitment Rules
    vii. Theme based graphic presentations/exhibitions on awareness campaigns issues related to
    • Man is part of nature,
    • Clean and green environment,
    • Evolving conceptual framework for formulating Regional, City Mater Plans, Local Area Planning, Redevelopment, Conservations or Urban Revitalization,
  8. Exhibitions
    i. Organized exhibition on Regional Studies of Punjab, before the Chief Minister Punjab in 1997 for integrated Development of Punjab
    ii. Team leader of the District Plan of Mandi District, HP which was displayed in the Himachal Vidhan Sabha for the scrutiny of the District Plan by the Law makers.
    iii. Presented a concept plan to the Honorable Minister, for Culture and Tourism, Punjab, to develop a heritage village, “Sadi Virasat Sada Pind (Our villages our heritage) at the campus of Guru Nanak Dev University, Amritsar, got approved and implemented in 2016.
  9. Delivery of Special Lectures and Resource Person
    i. Delivered about 30 special lectures at the Academic Staff College of GNDU as Resource person primarily for the Indian Administrative Services examinations
    ii. Resource person in ISPER for orientation training of Faculty and Students of Schools of Planning,
    iii. Resource person in ISPER for Capacity Building Programs of Ministry of Urban Development,
  10. Charitable Cause
    i. Assisted and Planned in developing various Gurudwara complexes including most revered Baba Deep Singh Sahib and Ramsar Complex, Amritsar
    ii. Assisted in the development of schools for growth of education in the Punjab border districts of Amritsar and Gurdaspur,
  11. Honors for scholarship,
    i. Being appointed as Incharge of Sain Mian Mir Chair, GNDU, Amritsar, honored by ISPER,
    ii. Amritsar Vikas Munch,
    iii. Association of Punjab Geographers, 2001
    iv. Authors Guild of Himachal Pradesh 2013,
    v. Ramgarhia Welfare Association, Amritsar for contribution in Research